Driverless Jaguar Models Are Coming To Boston Sooner Than You Think

The future is creeping up faster every year with innovative technologies that are making our daily lives more manageable, and with the automotive industry continuously going through a significant evolution, especially in the areas of autonomous driving technology, Jaguar remains one of the leaders of the pack for luxury car seekers. But what's in the works for the Jaguar brand and where are models like the I-PACE heading?

By 2022, the Jaguar predicts that driverless cars will be fully functional and operable within the safety of technology. Daily life will be even more convenient for busy families and daily commuters. Can you imagine having your self-driving vehicle drop your kids off at hockey practice while you take care of business or household duties? It may just be a possibility within the next decade!

Jaguar plans to go into production in 2020 producing the I-PACE driverless model for ride-hailing service Waymo by 2022. Up to 20,000 electric Jaguar I-PACE SUVs will be the innovators in self-driving technology and easily accessible in major cities like Boston. The way we live is changing rapidly, and with the upcoming production of the self-driving I-PACE model, residents of Quincy and Brookline can look forward to a safe and reliable commute to and from your points of interest without even being a vehicle owner!

This technology, however, is four years away from 2018, but if you're in the market for a new and innovative electric Jaguar model, browse our new inventory and see just how you can benefit from choosing the Jaguar brand for your future vehicle model. Schedule your test drive today or feel free to fill out our online finance application to take the first step toward the future of luxury car models in Norwood, MA. We look forward to working with you!

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