Get your Jaguar Ready for Spring and Summer!

Spring Service Can Help Ensure Optimum Performance

It’s that time of year again! The weather is finally warming up and you’re getting ready to start your spring and summer joyrides from Norwood to Quincy and beyond. But before you do, it’s important to make sure winter didn’t take too heavy a toll on your Jaguar. Potholes, cold starts, salt, sand, and snow can all do a number on your vehicle’s critical components, so it’s important to make sure that everything is in top shape so all of your summer travels can go off without a hitch. Visit our service center to allow our highly trained staff to take care of your Jaguar ahead of the summer season.

Car Wash and Detail

The most basic, but most visually impactful spring service is a car wash and detail. The team at Jaguar Norwood utilizes high-end detergents to help remove the grime and residue from a long winter of driving and provides your Newton, MA Jaguar a fresh coat of wax and polish to help it shine all summer long. And inside, we take the word detail seriously, diving deep to clean every nook and cranny of your Jaguar to give you a fresh, like-new interior.

Tire Change

Critical to your Jaguar’s handling is ensuring that you have the proper tires equipped for the season. Leaving your winter tires on may seem like a good idea, but the softer compound and dense tread can be a detriment in warmer weather, causing unpredictable handling and a high level of wear. It’s recommended that Newton drivers swap to summer tires, which will offer a superior driving experience and help your winter tires last longer so you don’t have the make the investment every year.

Undercarriage Inspection

Salt and cratered Boston roads can take a toll on everything including your suspension, brakes, and steering. Allowing our team to take a look underneath your Jaguar can help you get ahead of problems before they arise. Whether it’s rusting brake lines, damaged suspension bushings, or bent tie rods, the cost of letting them become larger problems is much higher than preventative maintenance when they begin to show signs of excess wear.

Visit Us Today!

At Jaguar of Norwood, we offer everyone from Boston to Brookline the same excellent level of care and service. If you’re ready for a spring service, schedule it online today! And if you’re not sure just yet, check out our service specials to see if we can offer you a deal on a service you’ve been considering.

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