The 2020 Jaguar F-Type Against the Competition

The Jaguar F-TYPE vs. The Porsche 911

At Jaguar Norwood we believe that every driver would be happier with a sports car in their garage. These attention-grabbing models and their turbocharged engines help you to blow off some steam after a busy week, but some, like the Jaguar F-TYPE models, have more to offer than just power. We love the F-TYPE and we're confident that it has just as much to offer Boston car shoppers as the competition, so we've compared it with the Porsche 911.

Trim Levels

We want to start here because there are a ton of options for both models, and it can greatly impact your decision. The Jaguar F-Type has four trim levels, and several options in those trim levels, while the Porsche 911 has numerous different models, but only some of them (Carrera, Carrera T, Targa 4, Turbo, and GTS) are viable options for Quincy drivers, so we'll stick with them in the comparison.

On top of this, every F-TYPE is available in a convertible or coupe body type, but some trims of the Porsche 911 offer only one or the other. Want more options? The F-TYPE coupe bodies are available with either an aluminum, carbon fiber or panoramic glass roof style.

Technology & Entertainment

The engines of these models make any ride exciting, and there are several features that make them even more entertaining. Both models are available with premium sound systems that provide crisp notes, so you can immerse yourself in your favorite music. However, the Jaguar F-TYPE's audio is controlled through the 10-inch display and Touch Pro infotainment system in the center dash. This system is easier to use and has a similarly-sized screen to the Porsche 911's infotainment system. Changing music and inputting your destination in the navigation app is simpler in the F-TYPE.


Newton drivers will find it easy to get lost in the thrill of the ride in both of these models, but the Jaguar F-TYPE has the standard driver-assist features to protect you. Lane keep assist and the rear traffic monitor use advanced sensors to warn you of potential hazards and keep you from straying out of your lane. These features are not standard on the Porsche 911. Sensors also make up the driver condition monitor and traffic sign recognition features, which let you know if you appear fatigued and warn you if you're having too much fun. The Porsche 911 doesn't offer these features.


For sports cars the engine is the core of your enjoyment, and both these models have some serious power. The first trim level of the Jaguar F-TYPE has a range of engine options that offer up to 380 horsepower and 339 pound-feet of torque, which bests the base engine available in the Porsche 911 Carrera base model. Plus, both base models offer Brookline drivers a choice between manual or automatic transmissions, but only the F-TYPE offers all-wheel drive in its first trim level.

If you move up the trim levels of the Jaguar F-TYPE, you'll find a 5.0-liter Supercharged V8 engine in the R trim, which has more horsepower and torque than any of the Porsche 911 models in this comparison. However, this isn't even the most powerful engine available in the F-TYPE. The SVR trim has a 575-horsepower engine that packs 516 pound-feet of torque, which makes acceleration instantaneous. If you want a sports car that gets your heart racing, the Jaguar F-Type is the way to go.

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