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  • Eddy Allen
    Centre Manager

    Eddy has been a part of the Norwood team since January of 2013.

    Favorite Jaguar: My favorite new car is the F-Pace SVR and my favorite classic is the very limited XKSS.

    Favorite Land Rover: My favorite new car is the Range Rover Sport SVR. There is nothing on the road that blends its sporty, yet comfortable character into one amazing all-around vehicle. My favorite classic is the 1995 Defender 90 (last year of the manual).  

    Why Jaguar Land Rover? I am lucky enough to have grown up close to both brands, and I couldn't imagine having it any other way! There is something special about these cars that you cannot put into words. However, looking at our loyal customer base goes to show the impact these vehicles have on those who own them, and even their friends and family who come into contact with them.   

    Hobbies: Playing and watching sports. Especially Boston Sports! Big Patriots, Celtics, Bruins, and Red Sox fan! I also enjoy snowboarding, watching tv shows, and playing Madden!

    Animals/Kids? I have a 11-month old Rescue dog named Pepper. She is a 40-pd Border Collie and you may find her roaming around the store! I also have 2 cats, Ramone and Shadow.

  • Mike Fleming
    Team Leader

    Mike has been a part of the Norwood team since October of 2016.

    Favorite Jaguar: F-Type R Coupe

    Favorite Land Rover: Land Rover LR4. I love the classic design and capability!

    Why Jaguar Land Rover? Both brands are so unique and capable, and they drive unlike any other vehicle out there!

    Hobbies: Playing guitar, downhill skiing, and photography  

    Animals/Kids? I have 3 kids and 1 chocolate Labrador retriever!

  • Carolina Massote
    Team Leader

    Carol has been a part of the Norwood team since May of 2018.

    Favorite Jaguar: F-type Coupe R because of the design and the power!

    Favorite Land Rover: Velar R-Dynamic. I love the R-Dynamic appearance and love the interior dual screens!

    Why Jaguar Land Rover? I love Jaguars because of its historic legacy that the brand has and because of its diversity, offering SUV, Coupe, Convertible, Sedans and now an electric car while combining luxury and performance. I love Land Rovers because of its unique designs, off roading capabilities and how land rover owners have loyalty for the brand. Once you drive one you fall in love with the brand and never want to drive anything else.

    Hobbies: I love spending time with my family, especially at the beach! I love ocean, lakes, any all bodies of water! I also have a passion for sports, my favorite is soccer and I am very excited that my kids are starting to share that passion. I also developed a very early passion for cars. When I was 17 I started working at a garage and I couldn't see myself working in any other field!  

    Animals/Kids? I have 3 kids (not so little any more), Lukas 13 Bruna 12 and Gabby 9 and our new addition 1 year old Diesel who is a rescue dog. He is an American Staffordshire terrier/Australian Shepard mix.

    Carol is also fluent in Portugese! 

  • James Anderson
    Internet Team Leader
    (781) 619-9016

    James has been a part of the Norwood team since September of 2016.

    Favorite Jaguar: 2008-2009 XJR

    Favorite Land Rover: Trek edition Discovery

    Why Jaguar Land Rover? The exclusivity and fit & finish of the brand.

    Hobbies: Kayaking, gardening, and cooking

    Animals/Kids? 1 dog (Godiva) and 1 cat (Wraith)

  • Mike Knutson
    F&I Director

    Mike has been a part of the Norwood team since February of 2014.

    Favorite Jaguar: Jaguar I-Pace

    Favorite Land Rover: Defender classic. And I'm also looking forward to the new one!

    Why Jaguar Land Rover? Loyal customers that we get to assist over and over again!

    Hobbies: Family, kayaking, and fishing

    Animals/Kids? We have quite the zoo! I have 2 animals and 3 kids!

  • Dan Averbukh
    Business Manager

  • Barry Baptiste
    Team Captain

    Barry has been a part of the Norwood team since March of 2007.

    Favorite Jaguar: 3-way tie! F-Pace SVR, F-Type Project 7, and the I-Pace HSE with the 22's. The road presence is amazing!

    Favorite Land Rover: Range Rover Sport SVR with Full Carbon Fiber Package & Black 22" Wheels!

    Why Jaguar Land Rover? Design, quality, and capability.

    Hobbies: Motorsports, golf and travel

    Animals/Kids? My favorite kids and animals are someone else's!  

  • Sonny Singh
    Team Captain

    Sonny has been a part of the Norwood team since September of 2016.

    Favorite Jaguar: Jaguar F-Pace SVR with the Carbon Fiber Package

    Favorite Land Rover: Range Rover Sport Autobiography

    Why Jaguar Land Rover? The customers. They are very loyal, and as a result they love the brand, and it gives me so much appreciation for everything JLR stands for.

    Hobbies: Traveling, Cars, and Technology

    Animals/Kids? I love dogs! I had a long-haired Dachshund named Luke for many years and look forward to getting a new one soon!

  • Zhubin Shobeiri
    Team Captain

  • Doug Ostroff
    Team Member

    Doug has been a part of the Norwood team since September of 2012.

    Favorite Jaguar: E-Pace. I love the sporty packaging and the fit & finish is amazing for a vehicle in its class!

    Favorite Land Rover: Range Rover Sport  

    Why Jaguar Land Rover? Best SUV brands on the market. I love the combination of driving dynamics and luxury!  

    Hobbies: Golfing, hanging out with friends, and watching sports!

    Animals/Kids? I love dogs! I have 2 Dachshunds, Jax & Petunia!    

  • Josh Trigueros
    Team Member

    Josh has been a part of the Norwood team since December of 2015.

    Awards: Elite Status for 2017 and 2018. Guild Award for 2017 and 2018. 

    Favorite Jaguar: Jaguar CX-75. It showed Jaguar's knowledge in racing and development using a mid-engine 4-wheel drive concept which probably paved the way for the F-Types awd platform.  

    Favorite Land Rover: Range Rover Sport SVR. The combination of class and luxury with a lot of power all in one. It has a great ride and the performance exhaust leaves me grinning the whole time.

    Why Jaguar Land Rover? With my military background, I really appreciate a vehicle's ability to drive through many terrains. The Land Rover's do it with A LOT more comfort. The Jaguar brand embodies my love for performance and racing. The look and drive of the F-Type and the sedans' dynamic ride are expressions of what I like in street performance vehicles. I really like the two brands and get to show what makes these vehicles great, every day.

    Hobbies: I enjoy physical fitness and staying mobile and moving around. I like finding different ways to challenge myself, whether it's accomplishing a personal lifting record or running a 5k. Besides liking football and watching the games, I'm a big fan of car racing. I like catching up on F1 and drag racing.

    Animals/Kids? I've got two boys, Josue Jr. and Jake!

  • Renee Acciardo
    Team Member

    Renee has been a part of the Norwood team since April of 2015.

    Favorite Jaguar: New 2020 XE R-Dynamic. I love the new redesign, so sharp!

    Favorite Land Rover: Range Rover, any trim. Such class and elegance.

    Why Jaguar Land Rover? The customers. They are the most loyal of any brand! The relationships I've built with my customers are amazing. I also love the product. The cars are beautiful! Once you drive a Jag or Rover it's very hard to drive something else.

    Hobbies: Sports, boating, equestrian

    Animals/Kids? I have a 100 lb Pit bull named Capone. He looks tough but is the sweetest boy on Earth!

  • Josh Malone
    Team Member

  • Danyelle Moura
    Team Member

    Danny has been a part of the Norwood team since July of 2019.  

    Favorite Jaguar: F-Type!

    Favorite Land Rover: Range Rover Sport Supercharged!

    Why Jaguar Land Rover? I love how Land Rover is one of the only brands that you can enjoy luxury and comfort coupled with the off-roading heritage!

    Hobbies: I enjoy spending time with mny family nad friends, traveling, and going on adventures!

    Animals/Kids? I love all kids and animals!  

  • Joe Joyce
    Team Member

  • Erik Ramirez
    Team Member

  • Cory Fontes
    Team Organizer

  • CJ Coffin
    Product Specialist

  • Jose Oliveira
    Inventory Manager

    Jose has been a part of the Norwood team since June of 2012.

  • Matthew Kruger
    Photo Specialist

  • Lilly and Daisy
    Team Mascots

    You can usually find Lilly roaming around one of the stores. The late Daisy was her sidekick and we all miss her!