Since our company's start in the 1950's, we have always done everything we can to be
the most customer-centric dealer group around. While change can be daunting, we are always
trying to improve the customer experience, and be at the forefront of new technologies and
innovation. "We are committed to providing the best customer experience you will find,
anywhere. We value our customers like few companies do, but more than anything we value
your time and interests like they are our own." That is the basis of the Kaplan Commitment, and
we are introducing the Kaplan Express in our continued evolution into the digital age.
While scanning our inventory, you will notice the "Kaplan Express" button to the right of
each vehicle. Clicking this button will bring you into our online, digital retailing tool. This tool is
advanced enough to provide you with real-time consumer-focused price transparency, and
allows you to customize your own deal. Whether you want to lease, finance, or pay cash, this
tool shows all available rebates, taxes, and all fees accompanied with a vehicle purchase from
Jaguar Land Rover Norwood. Wet signatures, identity verification, and credit checks may be
required, but you can essentially complete all of your decision-making from the comfort of your
home or office. Once you are comfortable with your purchase or lease scenario, you can
contact us to verify availability and arrange a test drive if necessary. All documentation can also
be completed electronically! We are excited to introduce this tool as we continue to evolve,
and strive to provide the best customer experience anywhere. Thank you for visiting our
website, and we look forward to working with you!

*Kaplan Express is a tool and we strive to provide the most up-to-date and correct information as much as possible, but there may be errors or
information that is not correct. A team member of ours will verify all information before consummating an agreement. Thank you for your

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